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Instructional Design and Teaching Services

TAI Groupe, LLC brings over 25 years experience in the corporate training environment. The classroom training environment is extremely important. Course content for an Instructor Lead class will be different from either Self‐paced or Online classes. Training internal trainer, employees, or clients require different training metrics.

Web Site Administration and Design

"You cannot judge a website by its Home page." A website is an enterprise investment and should always provide a positive return on that investment. The website should provide an enjoyable experience to the greatest group of website visitors possible. Reach this goal through the "standards" based design and validation process of TAI Groupe, LLC Whether you are a government website, an enterprise appealing to "challenged" individuals, or looking to overcome environmental challenges, investigate the TAI Groupe, LLC Section 508 capability. As a small company, you may not want to take on a staff of web professionals to maintain your website. TAI Groupe, LLC can provide an economical solution to fit your technical and financial needs. TAI Groupe, LLC brings over 15 years web design experience to your project.

Database Maintenance and Development

Updating that old legacy database can be a challenge. Maintaining an existing database can be equally frustrating. Developing your first database can be a nightmare. JOIN, SELECT, ASC, and Stored Procedures sound like a foreign language. TAI Groupe, LLC can keep you from designing yourself into a technical corner with 7 years of database design experience and over 30 years project management experience.